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  My G-Spot lies in the surprises and joys that make me cry out, “Gee, what do you know!” when I am involved in LGBT related activities; and the insatiable Gumption for life and Gaiety that I feel when meeting and connecting with groups of diverse people. I am eager to unravel further untapped sources of pleasure that might become part of this G-Spot. This is a spot for such discoveries. The pot in the logo contains rainbow colored ink; the contributors, mostly my dear friends, will probe their quills into that ink, stir it up, and get it to overflow in the form of exciting words.
  My hope is for Kimi’s G-Spot to become a key meetinG spot for everyone who seeks similar pleasures. I look forward to sharing the fabulous discoveries and encounters that rock my world.

About Kimi (Chief Editor)

1966年10月、高知市生まれ。大学卒業後8年間(4年間の講師期間を含めて)公立中学で英語を教える。1995年の夏、たまたま参加した英語教育の研修初日の夜、池袋で、愛方の酒呑童子と出会い、1年半あまりの遠距離でのつきあいを経て、1997年3月末に上京。現在は、童子と埼玉県に愛の巣を構える。2004年、若い人たちにまざって、早稲田大学を受験。法学部に進学。必修英語の先生との出会いが、人生の方角を大きく変える。法学以外に、あらためて文学や映画の世界に魅せられ、そのなかでLGBTに関する作品に多く出会う。2008年早稲田大学法学研究科に進学、憲法の授業でニューヨーク大学ロースクールのKenji Yoshino教授の著書『Covering』を講読。アメリカの​LGBT活動に強く関心を抱き、Yoshino教授に直接インタビューする機会を得る。紆余曲折を経て、米国における同性婚の動向について修士論文をまとめ、2013年に修士課程を修了。この間に2QT2BSTR8(異性愛者にしてはキュートすぎる)なQ(questioning)となるべく解放されはじめている同志であり童子である愛方と、今後はさらに日本のLGBT活動に関わっていきたいと思っている。​

  Kimi was born October 1966 in Kochi. After graduating from university, she taught English at state middle schools for eight years. In the summer of 1995, she took part in an English education seminar; it was on the evening of this seminar that she met her partner, whom she has nicknamed the wassail wag, in Ikebukuro. A long distance relationship that lasted for a year and a half led to her moving to Tokyo at the end of March 1997. She now shares a home with her wag in Saitama.
     In 2004, she applied to Waseda University, and entered the School of Law. One of her professors of English rekindled her love for literature and films, and this opened her up to works that dealt with LGBT issues. In 2008, she entered Waseda’s Graduate School of Law. In her constitutional law class, she read Covering by NYU Law School Professor, Kenji Yoshino. This stimulated her interest in the LGBT civil rights movement in the US, and she was given a chance to interview Yoshino. After a period of procrastination and meandering, she finally finished her thesis on the developments in the same-sex marriage issue in the US, and completed her MA in 2013. With her wag, who has during this time evolved into being cute and questioning, Kimi hopes to become further involved in LGBT activities in Japan.

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