Kimi’s G-Spotでは、様々な切り口からLGBTに関わる情報を、オンライン・オフラインの場でお届けし、問題解決のヒントを提供したいと考えています。これら情報を必要としている誰かに届きますように。 

Kimi's G-Spot will provide a wide range of LGBT related information, both online and off-line, with the hope that it will reach and be of use to everyone in need of such information.

Articles on LGBT Issues
政治や経済、社会、文化、海外事情など、あらゆる分野の第一人者が、鋭い切り口でLGBTに関する情報を発信します。またChief EditorのKimiがLGBTの方々にインタビューし、彼らの実体験や想いを綴った対談記事や、ミニコラムをお届けします。

Contributors with expertise on or interest in politics, finance, social issues, culture, and particular regions of the world will write articles about LGBT related topics in these fields. Also, Kimi, the Chief Editor of this site, will interview people of the LGBT community and write about their experiences and thoughts, report on LGBT related activities and events, and regularly update a mini-column. Kimi's mini-column will be posed every week on Mondays and Thursdays, and there will be a new article every fortnight on Thursdays.




We plan to hold talk sessions and workshops on LGBT issues in various cafes in the Tokyo and surrounding areas. Notices for these events will be posted on the top page of this site.



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